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23 Amazing Beaches in Oregon and What To Do Nearby

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If there’s one thing Oregon is known for, it’s for its stunning and rugged coastline! Jagged volcanic cliffs, insane tides crashing on the shore, sea caves to explore, sweet waves for surfing, marine life galore, epic hiking trails along hillsides, and of course, some of the most beautiful beaches in the country to stroll along.

We could go on and on but selected our absolute favorite beaches on the Oregon Coast for you to explore. As always, we are providing you everything you need to know, not only about the beach, but what Oregon adventures are around the area too!

Here’s everything you need to know about the best beaches in Oregon!

23 Amazing Beaches in Oregon

Below are some of the coolest beaches you can explore along the Oregon Coast. We ordered everything from north to south, and here’s a handy map to visually see where each beach is. Be sure to click on the posts linked in this article for further information about the beach and area.

Click the image to view the clickable map of beaches in Oregon.

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Northern Oregon Beaches

1. Cannon Beach

A list of best beaches in Oregon would not be complete without Cannon Beach. A walk along the beach itself is a visual treat, with an ever-changing landscape of rugged coastal outcroppings, ocean vistas, and nesting seabirds.

There are almost 4-miles of sandy beach stretching between Cannon Beach and the Pacific Ocean, so there is plenty of room for everyone despite its popularity. There are many access points making it a great beach for anything from a romantic stroll to sandcastle building with the family.

Cannon Beach is stunning, but it’s largely known due to one incredible natural landmark, Haystack Rock, towering 235-feet out of the ocean. This Oregon icon is a must-see along the Oregon coastline, and it will be clear to see why it was named one of the world’s 100 most beautiful places by National Geographic.

Haystack Rock Cannon Beach Oregon
Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Oregon

The tidepools found at Haystack Rock are one of Oregon’s protected Marine Gardens, providing vibrant habitats to observe. There are so many adventures to be had here, whether you like hiking the trails, surfing, whale watching, or taking a stroll along the beach.

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2. Hug Point

Flanked by two well-known state parks, many people may be tempted to drive right on by Hug Point, but this beautiful beach is well worth stopping at and is one of Oregon’s best beaches.

Hug Point State Recreational Site
Hug Point State Recreation Site in Oregon

There is easy beach access from the parking lot, and at low tide, you can walk right around the coast to where you can explore sea caves and evidence of the old road that once hugged the cliffside. The road was one of the main thoroughfares before the construction of the Coast Highway.

One of the best things about this beach is a stunning seasonal waterfall that you can hike to directly from the beach. If you are up for heading a little off the beaten track, there are some great tide pools to explore, which are often teeming with life.

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3. Short Sand Beach

Short Sand Beach is one of the best beaches in Oregon for surfing and boogie boarding—hopping on a board here can be a lot of fun! The breaks here are relatively consistent, yet the cove protects the waters around the beach from the worst of the weather.

If you don’t surf, ‘Shorty’s’ is still a great place to visit, as the beach itself is stunningly beautiful, although it can get a little busy in the peak summer months. Try heading there in the winter or fall for a little more solitude and rugged beauty.

Beach at low tide with person walking on beach and rock outcrop to left of frame at Short Sands Beach in Oregon
Short Sands Beach in Oregon

Getting to the beach is beautiful, as, from the parking lot, you’ll head through a thick old-growth forest of Sitka Spruce, dripping emerald moss and sparkling vines, before being spat out onto the sand.

If you want to extend the walk, you take a hike to the end of Cape Falcon or even to the top of Neahkahnie Mountain. The beach is nestled in Oswald West State Park, a truly stunning part of the coast where waterfalls trickle down the volcanic basalt and sandstone cliffs into the tide pools below.

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4. Nehalem Bay Beach

Situated on a 4-mile sand spit, Nehalem Bay Beach offers a wonderful escape from busy city life. Although the views are stunning, there is also a forested 1.8-mile long bike path that offers some great views of the bay and coast.

There are many different types of birds that live on this part of the coast, making it a popular spot for bird watchers, while nature enthusiasts will also have a chance to spot various deer and elk grazing.

Beach and ocean view at Nehalem Bay State Park
Beach at Nehalem Bay State Park with Neahkahnie Mountain as a moody backdrop.

Other activities include kayaking around the bay, crabbing, fishing and clamming. There is also a seasonal boat ramp and several companies that offer kayaking and horseback riding tours if you don’t fancy heading out on your own.

The beach sits within Nehalem Bay State Park, which contains two day use areas. There are plenty of amenities such as restrooms and picnic areas, so you could easily spend the whole day on the beach. If that’s not enough time, set up camp in one of the 265 camping sites.

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5. Oceanside Beach

Oceanside Beach sits under a small town of the same name, just a short detour from the Three Capes Scenic Route.

VW van on cliffside with foggy beach and seacliffs in distance at Oceanside Beach in Oregon
Foggy Oceanside Beach on the Oregon Coast

A cool feature of this beach can be discovered at low tide. A tunnel through one of the vertical sea cliffs will lead you to another stunning beach to explore, known as Tunnel Beach. Just be aware of the tide and the weather if you do choose to venture here.

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6. Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout is one of the most beautiful Oregon Coast beaches, with easy beach access to comb for treasures along the coastline.

There are over 3-miles of stunning Pacific coastline beaches to enjoy at Cape Lookout, where you can wade in the waves at the sandy waters’ edge and take long walks up the coast. Just be aware of the changing tides as some of the beaches disappear during high tide.

VW Van at beach overlook at Cape Lookout in Oregon
Viewpoint at Cape Lookout

The bay is home to many mollusk and shellfish species, which will give seafood lovers a delicious meal, while crabbing is also popular. Netarts Bay is renowned for its excellent water quality, making it a great place to dig out your fishing gear.

For some of the best views in the area, enjoy hiking the eight miles of trails, with the Cape Trail leading to the very tip of the cape. You will struggle to find a better spot to whale watch than the bench at the end of this trail.

The waters around the beach offer both gentle water and pounding surf, and when the conditions are right, it is possible to kayak the two or three miles between the mainland and the islands.

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7. Cape Kiwanda

Pacific City is home to Cape Kiwanda, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Oregon Coast. The cape is ideal for a long walk beside the waves, or if you are after something a little more adventurous, grab your board and surf instead.

Surfers in ocean with large rock island in background at Cape Kiwanda, one of the best beaches on the Oregon Coast
Surfers at Cape Kiwanda in Oregon

You can also head to the state natural area nearby. One of the most iconic Oregon photography spots can be found here, only accessible at low tide. A stunning natural arch can be seen on the cliffs’ north side, tucked in between tall sandstone cliffs.

The cape is one of the three capes on Oregon’s Three Capes Scenic Route, so if you have the time, you can see all three of these beautiful spots.

One of the area’s major features is the giant sand dune, accessible from the north side of the beach. The dune is massive, towering at 240-feet, and it is a challenge to climb but will be completely worth it when you reach the top.

There are incredible views in all directions, although you should always pay attention to the warning signs. Slightly inland, there is a hotspot for hang gliders and paragliders where you can take advantage of the coastal winds.

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8. Neskowin Beach

If you are looking for a pristine, uncrowded beach experience on the Oregon Coast, look no further than Neskowin Beach. The town and beach have avoided a lot of commercialization, so depending on the time of year, you may have this stunning stretch of coast all to yourself. The beach is fascinating because of the many 2000-year-old Sitka spruce stumps.

Forest covered island on beach at Neskowin Beach, one of the best Oregon Coast beaches
Neskowin Beach on the Oregon Coast

The area used to be a forest containing 200-foot trees, the remnants of which can still be found today, and the stumps are believed to have been buried and preserved by the same event that destroyed the trees in the first place.

The beach is over 3-miles long, stretching from the mouth of the Nestucca River to its southern tip, with the impressive Cascade Head rising 1200-feet.

Take a walk to Proposal Rock, which offers one of the best views of the Ghost Forest on the beach, although like with all hikes on the beach, be aware of the rising tide. There are plenty of trails to explore on Cascade Head, some of which may give you a chance to spot some of the local sea lions.

Where to Stay Around The Northern Oregon Beaches

Recommended Places:

Campgrounds: Wright’s for Camping, Nehalem Bay State Park

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Central Oregon Beaches

9. Beverly Beach

Beverly Beach is part of Beverly Beach State Park and comprises a 5-mile stretch of broad and sandy beach. There is a well-known campground here with lots of different camping options, but it is also a great place to spend the day even if you don’t plan on spending the night.

The beach itself is pretty famous and was named one of the best beaches on the Oregon Coast for a good reason. It extends from Yaquina Head, with views of the lighthouse, to Otter Rock’s headlands.

View over Beverly Beach Oregon with hills in background
Go for a hike on beautiful Beverly Beach, Oregon. Can you spot the lighthouse?

Surfing is a popular activity here, with many surfers bringing their boards and heading to the reliable waves at north beach, while those that are interesting in hunting out the fossils that can be found in the area can head south. But that’s not all Beverly Beach is suitable for.

With stunning views and plenty of beaches, it is the perfect spot for a gentle stroll, flying a kite, or simply building some sandcastles with the family. The beach is sheltered by a wind-sculpted forest and is just a few minutes away from some major Oregon Coast attractions such as the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and the famous Devils Punchbowl.

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10. Hobbit Beach

One of the best things about Hobbit Beach is the trail you take to get there. The Hobbit Trail is well known in Oregon and takes you through a thick forest of dense green tree tunnels on a winding path down to the sea.

Aerial view of Hobbit Beach, near Heceta Head Oregon Lighthouse
Make sure to stop by Hobbit Beach on the Oregon Coast.

On a misty morning, the beach might look something just like you would see in a Lord of the Rings movie. It is quite a large beach, meaning there is plenty of room for a lengthier stroll once you emerge from the forest. There are also some tide pools to explore, which is great if you have kids.

You can start at Heceta Head Lighthouse and hike down to Hobbit Beach or start at Hobbit Beach and come up behind Heceta Head Lighthouse for a great three and a half-mile hike.

11. Heceta Beach (Cape Cove)

Nearly everyone who visits this area of Oregon will make a stop at Heceta Head Lighthouse, yet the beach just below it is worth checking out as well. This beautiful beach is often overlooked but stretches for nearly 1,000-feet with Heceta Head to its immediate north.

View of Oregon coast and Heceta Lighthouse, a popular Oregon Lighthouse
Heceta Head Lighthouse and beach on the Oregon Coast

The rocky stacks around the Head are home to thousands of shorebirds, making it a hot spot for bird watchers, while picnic tables are located near the parking lot so that you can enjoy lunch with a view.

This parking lot also serves as the trailhead that will take you to the lighthouse if you fancy a bit of a stroll accompanied by beautiful views. Beyond the lighthouse is the gorgeous Hobbit Beach!

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12. South Jetty Beach

Walkers and hikers can enjoy miles and miles of open beach at South Jetty, with incredible dune formations that sit above the Siltcoos River. Freshwater from the river mixes with the Pacific Ocean here, with the beach occupying a sand spit at the south shore of the mouth of the river.

When you're exploring at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, make sure you go to the South Jetty area.
South Jetty Beach

There are around nine access points to the beach, making it very easy to get to and explore. You’ll also find a huge range of recreational activities available, including horse riding, fishing, clamming, surfing, scuba diving, and even windsurfing when the conditions are right.

There are also separate areas for off-highway use and non-motorized vehicle use.

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13. John Dellenback Trails Beach

This incredible beach can be found within the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, which, as the name suggests, really is home to a lot of dunes and sand. Overall there are nearly 32,000 acres of dunes that stretch for 40 miles, the largest area of coastal dunes on the continent.

A really cool beach can be found here by taking the John Dellenback Trail. The trail is roughly 2.5-miles, but seeing as you will be walking through dunes, it can be pretty challenging, especially as some of the dunes are several hundred feet above sea level.

Person hiking in sand dunes to John Dellenback trails beach, one of the best beaches in Oregon
Hike through sand dunes to the John Dellenback trails beach

There are posts that mark the trail, and after the dunes will take you into a dense section of coastal forest, a real contrast to what you have left behind. Forge your way through the tunnel of trees, and before long, you will reach the beach, with the Pacific Ocean stretching out before you.

The beach itself is beautiful, backed by the forest of dunes and views of the Umpqua River’s South Jetty to the North.

Where to Stay Around The Central Oregon Beaches

Recommended Places:

Campgrounds: Devil’s Lake State Recreation Area, Heceta Beach RV Park

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Southern Oregon Beaches

14. Sunset Bay State Park

Sunset Bay is a stunning sheltered cove that is protected by sea cliffs and sandstone bluffs. As one of the most picturesque Oregon Coast beaches along the Cape Arago Highway is a very popular spot.

The bay is one of the few places on the Oregon Coast which is suitable for swimming, as it is relatively shallow and protected at the bay mouth.

Sandy cove beach with forest in background at Sunset Bay State Park, home to one of the best beaches in Oregon
Beach at Sunset Bay State Park in Oregon

There is less wind, and the water tends to be a bit warmer and more gentle than other places on this rugged and wild coastline. According to legend, pirates used this bay as a hiding spot, and it is still a safe harbor for fishing boats during storms.

The 0.2 miles of sandy beach is the perfect place to enjoy all kinds of activities, including picnicking, surfing, kayaking, beachcombing, swimming, and fishing, while a campground is just a short walk away from the beach.

There is a hiking trail that connects Sunset Bay to Shore Acres and Cape Arago State Park, and along the way, you can enjoy pristine coastal forests and coastal views that will take your breath away.

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15. Bullards Beach

Just north of Bandon, you will find Bullards Beach, a beautiful sandy beach complete with the historic Coquille River Lighthouse at one end. There are 3.5-miles of open beach to explore and enjoy, so there is plenty of room for everyone, even in the busier summer months.

A great adventurous activity here is mountain biking, as the sand tends to be much harder nearer the surf, making for an exciting place to ride, weaving to avoid the incoming waves.

If bike riding is not your thing, you could simply enjoy a gentle stroll along the shore or take the mile-long trail to the nearby camping site, where there are lots of options to camp if you fancy staying the night in this stunning part of the coast.

The lighthouse is open for visits from May to September, and it is a great place to learn a little more about the history of the area on tour.

With both the Coquille River and the Pacific Ocean, visitors have plenty of opportunities to enter the water. There’s a boat launch and public dock just south of the beach if you fancy a spot of fishing or getting out on the water on a kayak or other boat.

Bullards Beach State Park has ten different beach trails ranging from easy to difficult, depending on how much of a challenge you are after. The most difficult is the 3-mile North Loop Trail, which will help you explore the farthest corners of the beach. Some of the trails are suitable for horse riding as well.

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16. Bandon Beach

Every season, the weather and the tides reshape the sandy beach and landscape at Bandon Beach, while the tide pools, sand, water, and sea stacks are all home to countless varieties of wildlife.

Rock formations with water in foreground at sunset at Bandon Beach in Oregon
Explore the rocks at Bandon Beach

Like much of the Oregon Coast, the seascape at Bandon is full of mighty sea stacks, remnants of an ancient marine terrace. Some of the more noticeable rocks include Face Rock, Elephant Rock, and Komax, all of which help make it one of the best beaches on the Oregon Coast.

Located along Beach Loop Drive, the area has plenty of access and parking. Some of the best places to access the beach are the jetty near the Old Town, Kronenberg Country Park, and the Face Rock Scenic Viewpoint, to name a few.

View over Bandon Beach and ocean - one of the best beaches in Oregon
Bandon Beach in Oregon

All the beaches in this area are perfect for a fun day of wading, walking, wildlife and sunset viewing, and beachcombing. With the sea stacks and dramatic rock formations, the Bandon Sunsets are renown throughout Oregon as some of the best.

It is not unusual to see people on horseback riding along the shore, which can be a unique way to explore the coast. The Bandon Beach Riding Stables has been leading rides across the sand for years. Another great way to enjoy the area is via a fat tire bike, perfect for riding along the sand.

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17. Floras Lake Beach

Floras Lake is usually empty of people, so chances are you’ll have it to yourself. While on the beach, you’ll be treated to some natural wonders, such as sheer cliffs and even a small waterfall spilling onto the beach, so this really is a beach you shouldn’t miss out on seeing.

The imposing sandstone cliffs really set this beach apart from the other best beaches on the Oregon Coast, forming 80 to 100-foot walls around the sand, topped by pines and other coastal shrubbery.

The best time to visit is on a receding tide when the water makes the beach’s surface firm and not so tough to walk on, whereas, during high tide, the waves can be found crashing into the cliff. From the day-use area, it is a 6-mile roundtrip hike across the beach to the end of the sand, where cliffs from Blacklock Point meet the ocean.

Although not strictly on the beach, Floras Lake itself is a well-known spot for wind-surfing thanks to the windiness of the area. There are also some impressive dunes nearby that are worth exploring.

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18. Port Orford Beach

Take in the views of the Pacific Ocean from Port Orford Bay, one of the best beaches on the Oregon Coast. The sand here is pretty compact, taking a walk on the beach nice and easy-going, while the sea stacks along the coastline are spectacular.

There is plenty to do on the beach, both bird watching and whale watching gives you a great insight into the local wildlife, as do the many tide pools that dot the shore. In season you can even gather mussels and clams.

Foggy beach with sea stacks rising out of the ocean at Port Orford Beach, one of the best beaches in Oregon
Sea stacks at Port Orford Beach

Some of the best wind, board, and body surfing in Oregon can be found here, as the bay offers sets of head-high waves the majority of the year.

In calmer weather, you can take out your canoe or kayak and explore the cove further. If you are up for a bit of a challenge, take the climb up to Battle Rock, a huge rock where great battles between soldiers and Native Americans in 1851 signaled the start of the oldest town in Oregon.

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19. Sisters Rock State Park Beach

Sisters Rock State Park beach is special thanks to the three huge rocks that sit on the shoreline. One of the rocks is its own island, while the others are linked to the mainland. The rocks are bordered both to the north and the south by grey sand beaches, making it a little different from the other beaches in Oregon.

Aerial view over rocky islands and peninsula and ocean at Sisters Rock State Park, home to one of the best beaches in Oregon
Sisters Rock State Park with Humbug Mountain in the back.

The area is relatively undeveloped, therefore, it is seldom visited by those who prefer to stick to the tourist trail, but that doesn’t make it any less spectacular. The fact that it is quite often deserted makes it even more appealing to some.

The beach is pebbly all the way up to the rocks that sit on the shore, and there are other areas to explore by walking in both directions from the rocks. A dark-colored beach extends north of the Sister Rocks, dispersed by photogenic rocky pinnacles, caves, natural arches, and narrow sandy inlets, resulting in a pretty impressive landscape.

Just 10 minutes north is Humbug Mountain with its own beautiful beach, a trail up the mountain, and an excellent campsite.

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20. Secret Beach

Secret Beach is not particularly easy to find, hence the name but people are figuring it out! In fact, if you didn’t know it was there, chances are you would drive right on by as the parking area is unassuming and not signed. The beach is located in the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, a tiny coastal paradise and home to some of the best beaches in Oregon.

Secret Beach in Oregon with people walking on beach and sea cliffs and rocky outcrop in background
Beautiful Secret Beach is one of the best beaches in Oregon.

The beach is tucked into the northern end of the corridor where the Coastal Trail winds between the overlook to Thunder Rock Cove and the road; after about a third of a mile, you’ll find the trail that leads down to this quaint pocket beach.

This stunning beach is made up of fine-grained sand and hugged by chiseled cliff faces, only to be seen at low tide, so drink in the serenity while you can. The beach has two sections to explore, each of which has a small creek flowing through it, one of which even has a small waterfall cascading onto a rock pile.

There are so many possibilities for adventure around Secret Beach, and thanks to its location in the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor, there are tons more beautiful beaches nearby to explore too.

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21. Indian Sands Beach

The Samuel H.Boardman State Scenic Corridor is filled with stunningly scenic spots, including natural coves and large natural rock arches, but one of the unique areas is Indian Sands, a particularly unusual Oregon Coast beach.

Huge patches of sand dunes sit high up on the coastal cliffs and look like they have appeared out of nowhere. You can reach the sands by taking just a short hike across the clifftops, roughly a mile long.

Hiking Indian Sands Trail
Hiking Indian Sands Trail at Samuel H. Boardman State Park

Once you reach the sand, you’ll see massive waves swirling into the rugged rocks below. Hiking is one of the main activities here. The area is an amazing place to explore on foot, with some cool sandstone features, incredible viewpoints, and silky stretches of sand to enjoy in one of the most unusual places on the west coast.

The sand has appeared here where the years have worn away the soft sandstone, leaving behind a beautiful, natural playground.

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22. Lone Ranch Beach

Just 4.5-miles north of Brookings, you’ll find Lone Ranch Beach, located along the Samuel H.Boardman State Scenic Corridor. This stunning beach is in a protected little cove with several huge sea stacks just off the shoreline.

These striking rock formations provide shelter and homes for all kinds of wildlife, making it perfect for nature lovers. Keep an eye on the tide pools at low tide, and you have a good chance of spotting crabs, brightly colors sea stars and sea anemone.

View from a top Lone Ranch Trail
Lone Ranch Beach

Sea lions are also often spotted in the area. Bring some snacks with you as there are some perfectly placed picnic benches with views out over the ocean, or take a stroll for some even more incredible vistas.

This Oregon Coast beach is long, wide, and crescent-shaped, so there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy it, and there is a paved trail that leads from the parking lot down to the soft sands. Walk, run, fly a kite – there is something for everyone.

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23. Harris Beach State Park

Harris Beach State Park is most well known for its sandy beaches and impressive rock formations. People come from miles around to explore the colorful tide pools and watch out for the marine life that frequent the waters around the cliffs.

There are miles of sandy beaches to enjoy here, making it a popular spot for families and making an inspiring place for those who enjoy walking with the ocean as a backdrop.

Person walking on beach with cliffs in background at Harris Beach State Park
Harris Beach State Park has some of the best beaches in Oregon.

From the main day-use parking area, you can access around half a mile of the sandy beach, which contains plenty of scenic offshore rock formations. From the parking lot near the entrance, you can take another trail that leads you to South Beach, an incredible mile-long stretch of untouched sand.

Just offshore is Goat Island, also known as Bird Island, which has an estimated 100,000 sea birds nest here, making it a mecca for bird watching. Visit the beach at low tide and tread carefully to spot sea stars and crabs in the tide pools, or take one of the many scenic walking paths that take you to scenic viewpoints and overlooks.

A few companies will take you paddling by kayak or paddleboard to explore this scenic stretch of the South Oregon Coast. Those that are more experienced can enjoy the more extended tours around towering arches and deep coves.

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Where to Stay Around The Southern Oregon Beaches

Recommended Places:

Campgrounds: Sunset Bay State Park, Harris Beach State Park

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the best beaches in Oregon! Check out more posts on the Oregon Coast and even more adventures around the state.

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