Sisters Rock State Park.
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Your Mini Guide to Sisters Rock State Park

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Dominated by three stand-alone peaks, Sisters Rock State Park is decidedly unique. Two of the huge mounds of rock that make up the park are actually attached to the mainland, while the third sits a little way out to sea.

If the rocks themselves were not impressive enough, they are all surrounded by other, smaller sea stacks and moody gray beaches that add to the mysterious atmosphere around the park.

With such spectacular scenery, you have to wonder why the park sees so few visitors and remains largely undeveloped. But other people’s loss is your gain, as you will likely have much of the park to yourself.

The three rock formations that make up the Sisters Rocks.
The magic of this state park is the rock formations

It is one of the newer parks in the Oregon State Park system, having been deemed a state park in 2005 using state lottery funds. The tiny dirt parking lot is easy to drive past as you traverse Oregon’s Coastal Highway 101, especially as it is currently unmarked.

To enter the park from the parking lot, go through the metal gate and follow the rough path that will take you to these towering giants of rock. Look for the huge sea cave tunnel in the largest rock, with the waves crashing spectacularly around it.

A thin gravel path surrounded by overgrown foliage along Sisters Rock Trail.
The trail that leads to the viewpoint

Be aware that there are no facilities within Sisters Rock State Park, but think of that as a blessing. It is a park where you can experience the proper wild side of Oregon. With cars streaming along behind you on the highway, rest assured you have found a hidden gem!

Sisters Rock State Park Trail

Distance: 0.9 miles
Type of Trail: Out & Back
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: 180.4 feet

You can’t really miss the trail in Sisters Rock State Park. It leads right off the parking lot through thick vegetation, and suddenly, the Three Sisters will be standing before you. The trail takes you along the cliff and gets you close to the incredible sea cave that one of the Sisters guards.

The last part is a bit of a scramble up to the cave, but that’s part of the fun! Once you have had a good look around, as an out-and-back hike, you can turn around and return the way you came.

A man standing by a cliff flying a drone over Sisters Rock State Park.
Enjoy the trail as it runs along the cliffs edge

The hike is short and sweet but allows you to explore most of the park. If you are passing through, it is worth stopping to stretch your legs and take in the views.

Sisters Rock State Park Beach

There are two beaches within Sisters Rock, one on either side of the peninsular, so take your pick. At the base of the rocks themselves, the beach is very pebbly. However, a short stroll in either direction and the pebbles make way to clean, dark sand, which makes walking a little easier.

It is not the most visually stunning beach, but rather desolate and wild, with incredible scenery. It is more the type of beach you walk along and admire the incredible rocks and crashing waves rather than laying down your towel and sunbathing.

An aerial view of a layer of clouds encroaching on Sisters Rock Beach in Oregon.
You can spot the Sisters Rock formation between the two beaches

Nearby Sisters Rock State Park

Humbug Mountain State Park

Think of Humbug Mountain State Park as the big brother of the Sisters. Humbug Mountain pushes up dramatically, almost straight from the sea, reaching 1730 feet, with the rest of the park spread around it.

Much of the land is covered in dense mountains, dripping with moisture and filled with trickling streams. If a towering mountain and rich coastal forest were not enough, the state park is also home to a beautiful sandy beach.

View of the ocean over the forest on the Humbug Mountain Loop Trail viewpoint.
Climb higher on the Humbug Mountain Loop Trail, and the views really open up

If you have some time in the park and want a bit of a challenge, you could attempt to tackle the mountain itself via the Humbug Mountain Loop Trail, or if you would rather spend some time on the beach, instead, take the Beach Access Trail. There is also a campground with plenty of amenities if you want to spend the night.

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Port Orford

The beautiful Port Orford is a small fishing village, holding the title of the most westerly city in the contiguous US, which is quite a claim to hold, and it is also the oldest established city on the Oregon Coast! The town is strategically placed for easy access to the coast, mountains, and surrounding forests.

View of Battle Rock in Port Orford, Oregon.
The famous rock itself in Battle Rock Wayside Park, Port Orford

Gold Beach

Gold Beach is just a short drive away if you are craving a bit of city life. Gold Beach is the perfect combination of beach life and city life. You can wander along the beach in the morning and the afternoon, spend your time dotting in and out of the local breweries, shopping, and dining in some of the region’s best restaurants.

Gorgeous sunset scene in the Oregon coast with colorful clouds reflecting on the wet sand and waves and the hills of Cape Sebastian in the southern Oregon coast.
Sunset at Gold Beach

There is much to do surrounding Gold Beach, such as exploring the beautiful Samuel H. Boardman State Park or fat biking along the beach with the wind in your hair.

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We hope this helped you plan your visit to Sisters Rock State Park!

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