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Your Guide to Humbug Mountain State Park

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Humbug Mountain, a dramatic headland that sits towering above the surrounding landscape near Port Orford, should without a doubt be on your Oregon Coast bucket list.

The signature attraction of the park is, of course, the mountain itself. At 1730 feet, it is one of the tallest mountains in the state that rise directly from the sea. The rest of the park spreads around its base, covering an area of 1842 acres.

Waterfalls and creeks tumble, trickle and fall in the forest that covers and surrounds the mountain, so thick that you could very often forget that you are actually on the coast. In fact, it has its own ecosystem, with lots of potential to spot some local wildlife. 

It is not just the stunning forest scenery and the mountain itself that has people heading to Humbug Mountain State Park. It also boasts sandy beaches and a comfortable campsite.

Close to Port Orford and just off of the major Highway 101, it is easily accessible, which helps to add to its seemly ever-growing appeal.  

Humbug Mountain State Park

Humbug Mountain Loop Trail

Distance: 5.6 miles
Type of Trail: Loop
Difficulty: Moderate

As one of the tallest peaks stretching out of the water on the Oregon coast, it is hardly surprising that most people visit the park to hike Humbug Mountain itself. If you’re up for the challenge, the Humbug Mountain Loop Trail is a very rewarding hike.

Signpost at the Humbug Mountain Loop trailhead
The start of the Humbug Mountain Loop Trail

Despite the thickness of the forest that you’ll be walking through, the trail is easy to see, with smooth switchbacks helping to make the climb a bit easier. It’s 1730 feet to the summit, so take the help!

Just a prewarning though, for those that want to attempt this hike, you shouldn’t expect breathtaking views all the way up. For the most part, you’ll be hiking through the forests of Douglas fir, but the view does open up when you start getting higher.

From the get-go, the climb is pretty consistent, and your calves are likely to start burning pretty soon after you set off, but that’s all part of the challenge, right? 

The west side is shorter and steeper, so it is advisable to go up this side and come down the other. Otherwise, you’ll be faced with a bit of a scramble when it comes to the descent. In all cases, you’ll find the first mile of the 5.6-mile hike the toughest on the legs.

View of the ocean over the forest on the Humbug Mountain Loop Trail viewpoint
Climb higher on the Humbug Mountain Loop Trail, and the views open up

The trail splits at about 1.5 miles, and this is where you can choose which way you are going to head up. The west is 1.5 miles, and the east is 2 miles, but ultimately the decision is down to you, and you’re going to reach the peak either way. 

There are views out both to the north and the south, and on a clear day, with Port Orford sitting below you, you should be able to see for miles with the coastal breeze cooling you down after the climb. While this might not be the most spectacular view on the coast, the adventure of getting to the peak will be hugely enjoyable.

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Humbug Mountain Beach Access Trail

For those who need to get a little closer to the water, a short beach access trail will take you right down onto the beach. Although small, the beach is beautiful, cliff sides lining it to the north and south, creating a perfect little cove.

Birdge over path near beach at Humbug Mountain
A short walk takes you down to the beach in Humbug Mountain State Park

The trail is a half-mile to the beach, so you really won’t have to walk far to get your vitamin sea hit. The beach is mostly sandy, with only a few rocks to disturb a barefoot stroll along the water’s edge.

View of the beach at Humbug Mountain State Park, Oregon
Cliffs line the beach at Humbug Mountain State Park.

The beach is very close to the campsite, so if you’re staying overnight, you won’t have to walk very far in the morning.

Camping at Humbug Mountain State Park

Sheltered by one of the state’s highest headlands, Humbug Mountain’s campground is invitingly warm. Well, warm compared to other campgrounds along the coast as the surrounding mountains help to offer a little protection. It is not the most extensive campgrounds, with just 39 electrical sites with water and 56 tent sites.

You can reserve spots in advance, so if you have your heart set on one specific date, it may be worth booking up to 6 months before.  It’s a neat little campground with other helpful amenities such as showers, flush toilets, and a reservable picnic area a short way away. 

The only downside to this campground is that some of the spaces are close to the highway, so try to avoid those spots. Otherwise, you can’t beat the convenience of this campground!

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Things to Do Near Humbug Mountain

Flora’s Lake State Park

If windsurfing and other watersports are your jam, head to Flora’s Lake State Park, just a short drive away from Humbug Mountain.

Sailboat on water with forested hills in background at Floras Lake near Bandon Beach
Floras Lakes near Humbug Mountain

This state park is pretty undeveloped compared to Humbug Mountain, but you’ll undoubtedly be able to get your fill of the great outdoors as you explore the many hiking trails and water-based adventure that it offers.

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Port Orford

Quaint fishing village and artist flair are the vibes that the small town of Port Orford gives off, laying in the shadows of Humbug Mountain. The town makes an excellent base for exploring the area, especially if you’re not a camper, with a selection of places to grab a bite to eat or take a boat ride.

Foggy beach with sea stacks rising out of the ocean at Port Orford Beach, one of the best beaches in Oregon
Sea stacks at Port Orford Beach

There is a range of mountain hiking trails surrounding the town, art galleries to visit, quiet streets unclogged by cars. Even though you have all the amenities you’ll need, it’s a far cry from city life and a beautiful place to explore when near this part of the coast.

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Cape Blanco State Park

At the most westerly tip of the state lies Cape Blanco, home of the legendary Cape Blanco lighthouse. Top off your trip with a visit to the lighthouse, which runs during the summer months, or take to one of the many hiking trails, such as the incredible Pacific View Trail, or any of the others listed on our guide to Cape Blanco State Park.

Van parked in foreground of Cape Blanco Lighthouse, a must visit Oregon Lighthouse
Cape Blanco Lighthouse in Oregon

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Gold Beach

If a stint in a city is what your road trip is missing, Gold Beach has you covered and is not far from Humbug Mountain. The beaches meet the hustle and bustle of city life in one perfect combination of breweries, places to eat, gorgeous views, boat rides, and everything else you could want from an adventurous trip along the Oregon Coast.

Gorgeous sunset scene in the Oregon coast with colorful clouds reflecting on the wet sand and waves and the hills of Cape Sebastian in the southern Oregon coast
Sunset at Gold Beach, not far from Humbug Mountain

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We hope this post helped you better explore Humbug Mountain State Park! Check out more posts on the Oregon Coast and even more adventures around the state.

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