Nina and Garrett in Oregon
Hi! We’re Nina and Garrett 🙂

Oregon is for Adventure is ran by two Oregon lovers, one native (Garrett Galvan), the other a convert from Florida (Nina Ragusa).

We are full-time travelers, but Oregon reels us back in each year for a visit. Our style is adventurous, and what better state to constantly visit than Oregon!? In fact, our “headquarters” is Bend, Oregon. This is where we base out of for all of our PNW adventures. (I know, we are lucky as heck, it’s an awesome city!)

We are making Oregon is for Adventure an amazing resource for those visiting Oregon who want real and valuable advice from locals/experts on Oregon.

Here you’ll find a collection of guides from Oregon lovers who will help you plan your adventures.

We hope you end up loving this state just as much as we do!

Psst – We are PNW obsessed, in case you haven’t guessed! We created multiple blogs for our favorite states!

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About Lucy

If you’re wondering how we get around the PNW and do all this exploring, our trusty girl Lucy gets us around! She’s a 1974 VW Bus with a Riviera pop top and is just a gem. We are lucky to have her!

Our VW Bus with the Welcome to Oregon sign
Meet Lucy!

Thanks for joining our journey! Cheers!